About Glassworks

"Artistry in Glass" appropriately describes the caliber of design and craftmanship in each Glassworks original. Since 1976, Stephen R. Torrey and Glassworks have been producing decorative glass art for a variety of end users. Architects, decorators, designers, and contractors have made Glassworks an integral part of hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, and institutional and residential settings. Donor recognition, corporate identities, and museum installations are specialities.

Known for a keen understanding of techniques and emphasis on the importance of partnering with other disciplinary design and fabricating teams, Glassworks seamlessly takes concepts on paper and transforms them into glass masterpieces. Glassworks has married state-of-the-art technologies with time-tested fabrication methods. Sandblast etching and carving, color application, mirror backing, and other more traditional processes combine with techniques exclusive to Glassworks -- the result is a melding of new textures and stunning effects.

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Let Glassworks turn your vision into reality.